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Name Title Purpose Activated Duration
Initiated by Google Doubleclick
id Doubleclick ID Google uses the DoubleClick cookie on DFP sites, AdSense sites, partner sites and certain Google services to serve more relevant ads across the web and limit the number of times a given ad is shown to you. You should read more here. On visit 2 Years
Initiated by Google Analytics
__utma / __utmb / __utmc / __utmz Google Analytics Google Analytics uses cookies to define user sessions, and to provide a number of reporting features. These cookies are set or updated only to collect the data required for such reports, and are first-party. You can opt out here. On visit Up to 2 Years
Initiated by Cloudflare
__cfduid Cloudflare Used to override any security restrictions based on the IP address the visitor is coming from. It does not correspond to any userid in the web application, nor does the cookie store any personally identifiable information.This cookie is strictly necessary for site security operations and can't be turned off. On visit Up to 6 Years
Initiated by The Register
sc Session Count Used for counting how many page impressions a user sees in the session - we use it to limit the effect of advertising on our readers. On visit Browser Session
c Visited Channels This tells us which sections of the site a user has visited and allows us to target them with an advert. e.g. read the Servers section, target with a Servers advert. On visit 1 Month
show_popup Account has not been updated for a year or more On clicking on an article from the Daily or Weekly newsletters. On visit 1 Month
bucket Bucket Used for testing new/beta features on the site. On visit Variable, up to 6 months
soc Social Tailoring content to users from social websites such as Twitter and Facebook. On visit Browser Session
Initiated by you
s Account Login Required so we can enable account functions. At login 1 Year
EUck EU Cookie Consent Prevents display of the cookie notification message. On clicking the button to acknowledge that you no longer wish to be reminded about our cookie policy. 10 Years
voted polls Voted Polls Required to manage the deployment of polls On poll vote 1 Week
v Version Captures the fact that a user has rated the article, so they can't rate it again. On rating 1 Year
td Traffic Driver Tell us which promotional activities users have clicked on - e.g. if they clicked on an event promotion, or a podcast promotion we would know the promotion had driven X responses. On click of promotion 1 Year
sa Seen Ads Selectively records the ID of the ads you've seen and the surveys you've filled in, so that we can avoid bombarding you with the same message too frequently. On visit 1 Year
forum_sort Per topic user sort order preference For recording logged in users' forum preferences. On Forum Sort Browser Session
font_class Font size user preference on mobile Allows font size preferences to be remembered across visits. Changing font size on mobile 1 Year
sl Lite account login Required to enable account identification from mailshots. On clicking on a link in one of our mailshots Browser Session
ml Mailing list login Required to enable account functions from mailshots. On clicking on a link in one of our mailshots Browser Session
sl Lite Account login Required to enable one-click registrations from mailshots. On clicking on a link in one of our mailshots Browser Session
mGA Google Analytics Site monitoring and usage patterns On log in/out Browser Session. Cleared on page after login if JavaScript is enabled

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