Delphix sends database virtualization sailing up the Amazon

AWS RDS instances get virty to cut cloudy storage costs


Delphix is integrating Amazon's Relational Database Service (RDS) into its database virtualizing platform.

The company started out provisioning virtual copies for test and dev and so forth. It then evolved into a supplier of personal virtualized data environments, covering on-premises and public cloud environments.

RDS integration into Delphix's DataOps product fits with this. Initially it supports Oracle DB on Amazon RDS, with additional data sources to come, and provides self-service capabilities to copy, refresh and rewind data automatically.

Delphix says it reduces Amazon users' storage costs on AWS. Its Dynamic Data Platform (DDDP) integrates with the AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), which uses logical replication to continuously replicate data to/from RDS and EC2 instances.

DDDP with lightweight data pods also contributes to reductions in storage costs. It features developer workflows and integrated sensitive data masking.

We might imagine Delphix could do a similar thing with SQL Server and Postgres on AWS, and also on Azure.


Incidentally the proliferation of AWS product services from Amazon and the allied proliferation of services using AWS to extend or improve its use are both getting so large that we'll need an AI recommendation engine driven by machine learning just to work out how to navigate the Amazonian jungle.

Bezos' beast is so vast and multi-faceted it's becoming totally incomprehensible.

The Delphix Dynamic Data Platform is available on the AWS Marketplace or as an AMI through Delphix. ?

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