Yahoo! Groups! Go! TITSUP! for! Days!

Cunning plan: anger rusted-on users who've been with you before social networks existed

Administrators of Yahoo! Groups have complained that the service has become unstable and unreliable.

Members of the Yahoo! Groups manager's forum have reported groups going offline, posts that fail to appear, disappearing graphics and other TITSUP* incidents.

“Okay, after four days, we're back up and running. No explanation from Yahoo, No apology. Unbelievable treatment,” wrote one admin.

Reports of the problems date to late October but appear to have grown in number and severity in recent days.

Group managers have written that Yahoo! has not offered any explanation or feedback, in posts such as the following:

Okay, after four days, we're back up and running. No explanation from Yahoo, No apology. Unbelievable treatment.

Some managers have guessed that maintenance is the cause of the problems, are asking different questions altogether:

Like others, no messages are being posted to my group since Sunday. Messages set to the group are not bounced back to the sender, nor are they posted.

Before I get fired, is there anything that can be done?

Alternatively, are there other sites that provide this service?

Threaded email groups are almost certainly not the reason Verizon acquired Yahoo!, but the old-school collaboration spaces are likely to have rusted-on users who've been loyal to the site for years. Ticking off such users cannot be welcomed by Oath, the content-centric Verizon company that now runs Yahoo!, AOL and some technology publications.

The Register has approached Yahoo! for comment on the status of the service and reasons for the unreliability and will update this story if it provides a response. ?

*That's a Total Inability To Support Usual Postings

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