Vanity, thy name is: M1SCO company car reg plates for sale

Private equity investor of fallen reseller launches online auction

Cool like M1cha3l KNGHT

Whichever fool once proclaimed money can’t buy one class clearly wasn’t privy to the inventory of now defunct tech reseller Misco Group that was recently put up for sale by private equity backer Hilco Capital.

The reseller, based in Wellingborough, England, went down in October after running out of cash and failed to find a buyer that was willing to take on the business as a going concern. This came months after Hilco had backed Alan Cantwell to buy Misco for £1 from previous owner Systemax.

Administrative receiver FRP Advisory is picking through the ashes of the business, but in a mailer sent to prospective buyers – seen by us – Hilco has launched two online auctions that close next week.

Up for sale are the “contents of a fully equipped modern warehouse distribution centre and UK corporate headquarters” based in Greenock, the one that was earmarked for closure as part of cost cutting earlier this year. This online sale ends on 29 November.

The list of goods for sales include: 8k pallet space of Dexion high bay bottles racking, Jungheinrich order pickers, stackers and fork life trucks, a ride-on floor sweeper, a Cisco telepresence 55” screen and general warehouse equipment.

The UK HQ is Wellingborough auction will sell off in excess of 100 PCs from Dell, Apple, Acer and HP Inc, Microsoft, SMART and Promethean interactive displays, Microsoft Surface machines, Cisco switches, servers and comms kit, HPE and Nutanix servers and HP printer. The auction ends on 30 November.

But the golden lot has to be the corporate car plate, M1 SCO. If that doesn’t set the bidding alight… well, there’s no justice in this world. This is a one-off opportunity and “All lots are subject to availability”.

Competitors that battled long and hard with Misco might vew the number plate sale as a trophy of sorts.

A “15% Buyer’s Premium will apply,” the document confirmed. ?

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