Slack apologises to Europe for TITSUP* services

Productivity melts, economy dives... actually, neither is true

Woman kicks off shoes, gets bottle of wine, collapses onto couch

Slackers of Europe, it might be a good time to enjoy a little me-time as techies at the messaging and collaboration app biz attempt to wake the supposed productivity improvement tool from its slumber.

have hit users on the continent and perhaps elsewhere, the company confirmed today.

At 12:23 AM PST (08:23GMT), Slack noted, "We've received a cluster of reports of connectivity problems as Europe arrives at work. We're looking into it. Sorry, Europe — and good morning. Updates, as we have them…"

Then at 12:57 (08:57GMT) PST, it expanded the scope, "Though most reports have come from Europe, the issues seems not to be confined to Europe. That's time zones for you. Sorry again to those seeing difficulties. Our efforts continue."

Some on Twitter have seen the outage as a good thing.

Historically, the firm has been praised for fixing vulnerabilities quickly. And like any cloud service, it has been hit with outages before - just one yesterday, according to its status page, although Slack did actually end up attributing that to "ISP-specific connectivity troubles."

However, in tweets, the firm has declined to give an ETA on the issue being resolved.

This is a pain because El Reg uses Slack, and the news room now has all sorts of excuses to go down the pub (Ed: Forget it people, that's not happening).

Slack told us: "We are investigating connectivity issues; the latest updates can be found here on our status site:

* Total Inability To Slack Ur Peeps.

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