Backup Exec juices dedupe offering, flaunts sign-up cloud model

GDPR compliance and deduped cloud backend

Backup Exec, Veritas' SME backup product, now sports a subscription-based payment scheme, deduping cloud backends and offering GDPR compliance help.

Privately owned Veritas is building up its product portfolio for the modern cloud era, and subscription pricing is part of that. The Backup Exec subscription model has one, two and three-year terms and there are three versions:

  • Gold - protection for physical and virtual file servers, databases and applications on-premises and in the cloud with centralised management for Backup Exec servers in multi-site environments,
  • Silver - protection for physical and virtual file servers, databases and applications on-premises and in the cloud,
  • Bronze - Protection for physical and virtual file servers on-premises and in the cloud.

Subscription customers get immediate access to product updates and new features while their licences are active.

Backup Exec customers will be able to visualise their protected data using Veritas'?Information Map. Veritas claims it helps organisations ensure compliance, okay, and provide insights that can lead to better business outcomes; which is hardly a rousingly positive endorsement.

Veritas says customers with an Information Map entitlement can use its connectors to visualise data across 23 data sources; in both on-premises and cloud-based repositories.

This should help customers comply with GPDR and other compliance regulations.

Backup Exec has also had some feature upgrades:

  • Deduplication to the cloud to reduce?network usage and storage requirements,
  • S3-compatible cloud storage?can be used as a low-cost backup target with no additional licences needed,
  • CloudConnect Optimiser?automatically detects and corrects variations in the backup settings and helps Backup Exec customers optimise available network bandwidth utilisation.

It's all good stuff to add new life to what was a dull old product. ?

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