Red Hat beer and burger box brouhaha: Would a pint help you wash down the containers?

Lures thirsty reporters to watch webinar

Man sloppily eats a hamburger... chips and pickle fall out. Photo by Shutterstock

Update In an attempt to bribe entice viewers to expose their eyes to an upcoming online webinar introducing containers, Red Hat has offered free beer and burgers delivered right to the punter's premises.

An email sent to The Register from PR firm Axicom revealed that on October 6 there would be an "exclusive lunchtime webinar" with Red Hat focusing on containers and how they could help with "digital transformation".

Topics include walking you through the heavy investments into Linux containers by firms such as Deutsche Bank and Barclays, as well as where Kubernetes fits into the container picture.

"To complement the discussion, we’d like to offer you beers and burgers on Red Hat," the invite stated. (How about in a container? – Ed)

"RSVP by 20th September and we will send you a menu to pick your burger, side and drink of choice and we’ll make sure it reaches you (at your chosen location) in time for the webinar," it added.

Some places, such as Cloud Foundry, claim container adoption is relatively low, so it seems like this could perhaps be one strategy to get more people interested.

The Axicom PR contact told The Register that the invite was extended to members of the press. We're waiting to hear to how many, what delivery service is standing by and whether it is able to get the meaty treat down to the pub a remote desk down the road from our offices. Asking for a friend. ?

Updated to add

After this story was published, we received an email from Axicom PR that began, "We saw your piece in The Register, everyone here thinks it’s brilliant!"

The PR contact confirmed that the invite is available exclusively to members of the press, a "small pool" for now. Food will be delivered by a company such as Gourmet Burger Kitchen or Bryon – and delivery is possible outside of London.

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