Huzzah! Doctor Who comes to Playmoverse

Six inches of Tom Baker and Matt Smith for 'collectors'

There already exist Doctor Who action figures but who wants anatomically correct when you get can six inches of chunky plastic?

Yes, the Time Lords – or two at least – are coming to Playmobil.

Doctors 4 and 11, AKA Tom Baker and Matt Smith, have been cast in rounded plastic complete with joy-joy smiles and fingerless grippy hands for the Playmoverse.

Available from February, the duo materialise courtesy of pop-culture bobble-head maker Funko.

Also coming from Funko are Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, and Sherlock. Who is not new for Funko, which boasts an impressive range of non-Playmobil figures here.

Coming in at six inches, twice the size of the standard Playmobil play figure, Funko describes the range as a, ahem, "collector-focused line" – a step up from "a gift for fans of any age" used to pitch those more lifelike "action" figures.

Sure, we like Marty McFly, but for Reg readers, the Doctors 4 and 11 will be the big draw.

Divided by three decades, these two Time Lords cleverly left the biggest impact on the Whoniverse as most emblematic.

One is the the wayward academic with a floppy hat, frothy hair, and endless scarf – an icon of 1970s nonconformism.

Ask most Who fans dating from before the Christopher Eccleston/David Tennant reboot their opinion on the best Doctor and you'll get a single-word grunt: Baker.

Smith, however, also stands out as a clever echo of Baker, channelling his bookish waywardness for a new audience: a young fogey with a love of bow ties and fez hats, truly a Time Lord for the millennial nerd.

And yes, traversing the decades, Funko's figures come with just a single accessory: a sonic screwdriver.

Indeed, characters for the avid, er, "collector". ?

Thanks to Reg reader M Wynn for the tip.

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